602 MMT Testing And Pain Sensations

MMT Testing And Pain Sensations

Sensation Possible Cause Description
Strong and painless Nothing Wrong Generally speaking if the contraction of a muscle is strong and pain free there is not much wrong with the muscle.Bear in mind that some issues only manifest themseles after many repetitions and/or under heavier load.
Strong and painful Minor lesion – probably tendon or muscle If the contraction is weak, and there is no pain, a rupture of tendon or muscle can be suspected.Depending on the damage done to nerves it is likely though that ruptures are painful in most cases.
Weak and painless Complete rupture or neurological disorder If it is weak and painful, a first or second degree of muscle lesion (= tear or area of dysfunction) can be assumed.
Weak and painful Gross lesion, serious problem, i.e. fracture If it is strong and painful, there is often just a minor lesion if .
All painful Individual pain thresholdTrust issue?


If a client finds everything painful they may need to adjust their pain threshold, or they do not trust the therapist, especially when conducting PROM.Consider the individual perception of pain, some people do not have a high pain tolerance and might by hypersensitive.

There also might be possible psychological implications or the client might be emotionally imbalanced.

(Cyriax 1982)

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