6. Manual Muscle Testing

If ROM testing does show any problems that does not necessarily mean that a particular joint or body part is free of complications.

All it tells you is that there is no pain, discomfort or restriction if the limb is merely moved against the forces of gravity.

To increase the challenge, the joint or muscle can be moved under more load and Static Manual Tests (MMTs) or Functional Musle Testing (FMT) have to be employed.

If there was pain on ROM already, MMT and FMT can be conducted to obtain more information and to verify the ROM findings.

Both types of muscle tests provide you with information about the strength of a muscle, i.e. how much a muscle can be loaded without the contraction being painful. Learn more

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MMT Static Manual Muscle Tests (MMT)

MMT Functional Muscle Testing (FMT)

MMT Differences between MMT and FMT

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