3011 ROM Muscle Grading Chart

Muscle or groups of muscles can be rated according to their strength, as to how much they do actually are

  • able to contract, or
  • show at least signs of contraction, and
  • able to produce movement

Customarily the general muscle strength is graded into 5 categories.

Picture0 No evidence of contractility, usually nerve damage or paralysis.

Nothing happening here.

Picture1 Evidence of slight contractility, no joint motion.

The muscle is functioning albeit very, very weak.

Picture2 Complete range of motion with gravity eliminated.
Picture3 Complete range of motion against gravity.

Can flail their own body parts around with no extra load added.

Picture4 Complete range of motion against gravity with some resistance.
Picture5 Complete range of motion against gravity with full resistance.

Even when additional load is put on the movement can be performed.


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