4024 Guidelines for conducting PROM

Before PROM

Verbally instruct your client to:

  • indicate the first sign of pain/discomfort/restriction TIP
  • indicate areas of pain, discomfort or restriction
  • keep body part to be assessed, relaxed

During PROM

  • take client to end of ROM (with regard to discomfort / pain / restriction)
  • stop at first sign of discomfort or pain
  • ascertain where there is pain/discomfort
  • avoid holding the client in a painful position
  • perform all PROM slowly and safely
  • ensure body parts are supported securely throughout movements
  • ensure client remains fully draped (where applicable)
  • perform all PROM bilaterally

After PROM

  • summarize the findings from bilateral PROM
  • cross reference with AROM findings
  • communicate the findings to your client
  • record all findings, including pain, discomfort and extent of restriction


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