Scapular Protraction (Abduction)

Postural Conditions – Scapular Protraction (Abduction)



Posterior View

  • Medial borders are same distance from spine (5 cm Kendall)
  • Medial borders are parallel to spine
  • Scapula is held firmly to the rib cage
  • Scapula is rotated 30° anteriorly to the frontal plane

Lateral View

  • Middle of the acromion process is on the plumb line
  • Scapula is held firmly to the rib cage

You See

  • Medial border is further away from mid line (if medial border is not parallel to spine, scapula might also be in upward or downward rotation)
  • Rounded Shoulders
  • Arms are medially rotated
  • Scapula is depressed
  • More of back of hands visible in anterior view

Likely Cause







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