Postural Condition – Scoliosis




You See




  • All SPs are on plumb line (mark some for better visibility)

You See

  • SPs deviate laterally in arcs from plumb line
  • Hypertrophied ES muscles on convex side (overstretched), hard yet puffy when palpated

Likely Cause

  • Short spine lateral flexors (especially QL) on concave side
  • Bigger hemipelvis on concave side
  • Longer leg on concave side
  • Habits like playing guitar, sitting with one foot tucked under
  • Postural scoliosis (this condition is caused by muscle imbalances which often result form bad posture. It does not get worse – unless the posture changes – and on flexion of the spine it usually straightens out)
  • Structural scoliosis is caused by skeletal deformation, it can get worse and the spine does not straighten out on flexion
  • Scoliosis is often to one side in one part of the spine and then to the other side in another part of the spine to compensate and bring the eyes level again
  • When flexing the spine long seated the hand on the concave side is less likely to reach to the toes





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