ZIG ZAG Patterns

Postural Condition – ZIG ZAG Patterns

ZIG ZAG Pattern refers to how the body copes with deviations from the sagittal plane to bring the eyes back level again (also see compensations from deviations in the horizontal plane via the righting reflex)

A possible scenario is described in the example below.12219


If a person has trauma that leads to shortening of the quadratus lumborum on the right side, the spine will be put into lateral flexion to the right.

Now the head is tilting to the right and the left upper trapezius and levator scapulae, possibly in combination with some left side the lateral flexors of the spine will come to the aid.

The suboccipitals on the right shorten to fine tune and may develop trigger points leading to headaches.

As a short quadratus lumborum on the right side will not only be likely to laterally flex the spine but also elevate the pelvis, the right hip joint will be held in adduction (leading to a shortening of the of the right hip adductors), while the hip joint on the left side will be held in abduction (leading to a shortening of the of the left hip abductors)

The peroneals on the left side may shorten and lead to a collapsed arch on the left.


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