Thoracic Spine – Kyphosis

Check for kyphosis in thoracic spine



  • Thoracic Spine is evenly and not excessively curved (convex posteriorly)
  • Plumb line should halfway through chest (lateral view)

You See

  • Thoracic Spine is excessively curved (convex posteriorly)
  • Scapulae are protracted
  • Arms are medially rotated
  • Forward head posture

Likely Cause

  • Scheuermann’s disease
  • Short anterior chest muscles like pectoralis minor, pectoralis major, rectus abdominis (sometimes only upper fibers)
  • Long (thoracic) spine sxtensors, middle trapezius, rhomboids
  • Habitually having arms for long periods in front of the body in combination with improper sitting, like in computer work
  • Long (thoracic)
  • Kyphosis
  • Flat back
  • Sway back
  • Lumbar lordosis
  • Upper crossed syndrome
  • Lower crossed syndrome



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